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From digital marketing expert & freelancer, Katherine Mugan.
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Freelancer invoicing template & tracker

[Spreadsheet template > downloads as PDF]
This template saves time & creates professional invoices in just a couple of minutes. It guides you through setup with your logo, contact and payment details, lets you store clients’ names and addresses for easy reference, automatically fills your and their details in on every new invoice you create. Plus, it keeps track of all the invoices you’ve entered so you know you’re getting paid on time.

The freelancer's go live checklist

[Cheat sheet]
10 steps to freelancing, broken down into the exact detailed actions you need to take to go from employee to successful online freelancer. From my Be Your Own Boss series.

How to get work in SEO copywriting

[Online mini course]
Find out how to get online freelance work or an in-house job as an SEO copywriter. Want to learn more about why it’s such a lucrative career? Check out my Master SEO Copywriting series.

How to win the freelance clients you want

[Video workshop]
Learn the 3 most important lessons to become a high-earning freelancer: how to set your day rate, how to attract high-paying potential clients, and how to win them over.
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